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May 14

This is a clever initiative from Volkswagen. Also, it’s a telling illustration of the fundamental truth that people require incentives—not simply information—to change their behavior.

Nov 14

For the past two years, photographer Lisa Kristine has traveled the world in partnership with Free The Slaves to document the harsh realities of modern-day slavery. She presented her experience in a truly stunning overview of the issue at TEDxMaui in January 2012.

If, after watching this, you find yourself wanting to do something to help, I’d start with prevention. $10 can help prevent child exploitation in Thailand. Learn more at thesoldproject.com. #westartthegirleffect

Oct 26

Back in November, 2011, business philanthropy coach Erin Giles was changed forever during a viewing of Nefarious, an award-winning documentary about the global sex trade. It broke her heart, but also gave her a crazy idea. That crazy idea became End Sex Trafficking Day, and I was honored that she asked me to be a part of it.

Today is marked by the release of a very special book, End Sex Trafficking, for sale on Amazon.com for $20. It’s a collection of 60 essays on love, knowledge, and freedom by such notable figures as Seth Godin, Danielle La Porte, and Jonathan Fields. Oh, and me.

None of the essay contributors, the publisher, or the editor is taking any money from sales. All proceeds go to the Not For Sale Campaign to support their efforts, through partners all around the world, to end the modern slave trade.

So, BUY THE BOOK and spread the word! Let’s be impossible to ignore.

P.S. If you want to go a step further in fighting this issue, check out The SOLD Project. $16/month helps prevent child exploitation in Thailand, and it’s working big time. Learn more.

May 31

According to Prominent Figures, the outfit that produced this music video for Josh Ritter, this video used over 12,000 pieces of construction paper “shown as it was shot, with no effects added in post.” Incredible.

May 1

The SOLD Project didn’t win the grant from GOOD Maker, but they’re not giving up on their idea. They need at least 24 people willing to give $16 a month to join their Stand 4 Freedom campaign this week to make their Trafficking Awareness Program a reality this summer. Click here to give.

The best part is, this week only, for every person who joins the Stand 4 Freedom campaign, an anonymous donor will match your pledge with a $50 one-time donation. Just like that, your $16 gift becomes nearly $70! This opportunity ends Monday, May 7 at Midnight PT, so spread the word.

Hundreds and hundreds of you voted; now, if just a fraction of you can give just a small amount each month, your long-term impact will be incredible. Thank you for investing in the lives of these children.

Jun 4

Spectacular stuff. Via Wired.com.

Sep 10

After two months, we’ve reached a strange new normal. A normal where we drive motorbikes (on the left side of the road), carry plastic ponchos with us at all times in case it rains (which it usually does), speak in a different language, sleep under mosquito netting, and casually pick insects out of our home-cooked meals…and continue eating. This is our new life.


Sep 8

Our first month in Thailand has been, as predicted, a whirlwind.

Our first month in Thailand with The SOLD Project was, as predicted, a whirlwind. Here are some of the highlights.


May 3

Follow our journey as we make the 2.5 day trek across the desert and mountains, from Nebraska to California.

Earthquakes, Sharks, and Buncha Crunch—oh my!

Love it? Visit drivenbyfreedom.com and select “Partner with Us” to learn how to support our work with The SOLD Project.